• 8 members led by Dr.Qurratul Ain
  • 25 members led by Pradeep Khatri
    Hi friends, personally i found spectroscopic techniques very interesting ( may be because i am working in one of this field !!) ranging from Raman spectroscopy ( INDIAN ORIGIN !!) to Infrared, Ultrafast Laser spectroscopy and so on, these techniques are v...  more
  • 6 members led by Yasser Hasnain
    Here We can discuss about development of high and low value grade enzymes. A part from this we can also share our Technical knowledge on manufacturing and its application of enzymes.
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    All scholars working in Nanoscience & Technology are welcome to this group. Hope we'll be able to start and continue some healthy discussion in this area of research.
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    Group is open for discussion those who are working in Material science (from experiments to theory).Frankly speking science doesn't have domain, so everyone is expected to contribute his openions on this group.
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    All researcher and students working in the field of medicinal chemistry, drugs synthesis, small molecules interaction with biomolecules and exploring organic chemistry for medicines are welcome to join this group.