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    Self Gravitation Bio

    Bhattacharjee IR. Invisible Force of Self Gravity: A Gap Area of Investigation in Life Science . WebmedCentral BIOPHYSICS 2012;3(9):WMC003672

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    led by I.R. Bhattacharjee

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    SB LAB Org Chem IISc

    Prof. Santanu Bhattacharya,
    Organic Chemistry,
    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

    For the members of SB's lab (current and alumni)... for sharing of thoughts, ideas and interaction with each other.
    led by Dr. Bhupender Singh

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    HIV and AIDS

    A group to share and spread the information and awareness about the HIV and AIDS treatment including societal aspects.
    led by Dr. Bhupender Singh

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    Adaptive Optics

    Wavefront sensor, deformable mirror, tip-tilt mirror, atmospheric turbulence, telescopes, microscopes, High resolution imaging, computer generated holography, phase singularities,
    led by Sanjay Mishra

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    Chemical And Process Engineers

    All the budding and experienced chemical and process engineers come at a level for working indian chemical industry.
    led by Imran Khan

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    Indian Science World

    Write your opinion about Indian Science World...
    led by Chetan Thakur

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    Shantha Biotechnics Limited

    A pioneer in the field of biotechnology, Shantha Biotechnics is the first Indian company to develop, manufacture and market a recombinant human healthcare product in India. We are committed to breaking new ground in modern biotechnology to address...  more
    led by Krishnakumar D

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    This is the group for people who are interested in mechanics, whether it is classical or newtonian mechanics.

    Let us make this group the mechanics of :)
    led by Manoj Mahala

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    Carbon Nanotubes

    Carbon nanotubes are the recent addition to carbon allotrops and extensively explored for nanoscience applications. The extensive fields explored are electronics applications and biomedical applications.

    We can discuss and share the finding in carbon...  more
    led by Dr. Bhupender Singh

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