• 3 members led by GHANSHYAM JADAV
  • 7 members led by Vijendra Fulwa
    All researcher working in the field of coordination chemistry, synthesis of ligands, hydrogen bonding, catalysis and exploring for organic and inorganic chemistry welcome to join this group.
  • 3 members led by Prashant Dabrase
    use of non destructive techniques to investigate, characterize, analyse, prepare and other methods.
  • 10 members led by Dr. Bhupender Singh
    Hindi Samiti is a student organization at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,India, devoted to Hindi (our National language) language,Indian culture and Indian civilization.It aims at organizing cultural programmes/religious functions which not only h...  more
  • 8 members led by Gurpreet Kaur
    A group to share the information on Bioinformatics, its applications and latest developments. All are welcome to provide their views/comments/suggestions. Hope we'll be able to start and continue some healthy discussion in this area of research.
  • 53 members led by aynampudi subbarao
    Group with shared interest in managing IP,R&D, Technology,Spin-offs, incubators
  • 3 members led by Krishnan Ranganathan
    Who are interested to explore Polymer science field welcome to join this group. We mainly focus on synthesis (Living radical/Ionic polymerization), characterization, and applications in Biomedical and Materials industry.
  • 5 members led by I.R. Bhattacharjee
    Bhattacharjee IR. Invisible Force of Self Gravity: A Gap Area of Investigation in Life Science . WebmedCentral BIOPHYSICS 2012;3(9):WMC003672 http://www.webmedcentral....  more