Anti Septic and Anti Biotic medicine works since because of dig

  • Title:-   Anti Septic and Anti Biotic medicine works since because of digestion problem of microbes(Fungus,Bactria, virus etc…)



    How antibiotic and antiseptic medicine works?

    It works since because of microbes eating antibiotic and antiseptic medicines, the microbes die since because of digestion problem of antibiotic and antiseptic medicines..



    1)      Sethukadi Poonu(in tamil language):-

    My leg  fibgures is infected by sethukadi Poonu i.e) fungus infection infected at my leg, by applying Coconut oil and Groundnut oil alternately the sethukadi poonu got cures. From this I identified the oil substance was eaten by fungus and then it deads since because of not able to digestion problem of the oil substance.


    2)      Fever:-

    Fever was cured by in take of Oil (Cocunut or Grountnut oil) substance in addation with Sugar stir well and then swallow it. After few hours the fever was got cured.In order to taste the sugar, the microbes eat the oil substance that was mixed with sugar substance the microbes was died since because of oil substance.




                    Microbes(Bactria, fungus,Virus…etc) will die since because of eating  Anti Septic and Anti Biotec Medicines weather by external surfaces and by inhaling or of medicines.