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  • The Music Box

    We see the a thrilling dream of a physics student which actually is what happened to him, alongside understanding the marvelous and wonderful laws of our cosmos in action.
  • Love of Quantum Gravity

    This Article is a read for anyone who wants to know about what is the state of development in quantum gravity today. The beauty of tiny gravity for a non technical account. Enjoy the read .
  • Einstein's Best Win

    To everyone , those who want to have a recap of concepts of general relativity and for those as well who want to know more about arguably enistein's greatest work.
  • The nature of Time

    For everyone who wants to have an insight on how physics sees time .
  • Unsung marvels and heroes of modern cosmology

    It just desrcibes what non-physicists have not seen in the past 4 or 5 decades or so and the theories and the brilliant minds who have been underappreciated
  • Are black holes really worth the time we give them ?

    What are black holes ?
    So for those, who have had a first encounter with this word the black hole , let me tell them, there is nothing to fear about . A black hole  is a mathematically defined region of space-time exhibiting such a...
  • The journey of Gravity

    Gravity is a concept of very much interest for everyone . Well , without it how could have we made iron man , superman and different superheroes and stuff like that who have flying skills famous ? Well if gravity was not there everyone would have been ...
  • What actually we make of singularity ?

    Well we humans have made quite a progress in the last millinium . We have been able to start modern sciences in all the fields and have solved some of the long standing questions  Like for example Aristotle said that when an object is in free moti...