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  • Effect of van der Waals and three body interactions on the lattice dynamics of Ionic crystals: an application to SrO

    A new model of lattice dynamics has been developed by incorporating the effect of van der
    Waals interactions and three-body interactions in the frame work of rigid shell model where short range
    interactions are effective upto the second neighbour. This ...  more
  • Chemical Reaction Effects On Mhd Mixed Convection Flow Of Water At Maximum Density Past A Vertical Plate Under Variable Temper

    Flow of water at its maximum density past a vertical plate is considered. Effects of a transversely
    applied magnetic field, variation of the plate temperature and a first order chemical reaction on the flow field
    are studied by a similarity transformati...  more
  • Magneto electret State of Porous Polypropylene and Investigation on Surface Charge Characteristics

    This paper reports preparation of porous polypropylene magneto electret and its investigation on
    its surface charge characteristics. The electrets were prepared under the combined action of heat and magnetic
    field. Influences of polarizing temperature a...  more
  • Internal Differentiation, Comparative Variability, Structural Morphology, Normative Aspect Of Prognostication Of Ipse Dixit Np

    We develop a progressive comparable to Bank’s General Ledger, and call it a General
    Theory of all the problems under the head of NP hard problems. Problems have their variables. For
    instance “Travelling Sales man problem” can have various different citi...  more
  • Growth and characterization of pure and doped btzs single crystals

    The growth and characterization of pure and doped BTZS single crystals are discussed. In the
    present study powder X-Ray diffraction data of the grown crystal were recorded using BRUKER D8 Advance
    powder crystal X-ray diffractometer with 2.2 KW Cu anode ...  more
  • A Simple and Effective Method of the Synthesis of Nanosized Fe2O 3particles

    Nanosized Iron oxide is prepared by using precipitation method from iron nitrate and liquid
    ammonia. Thermal analysis shows that synthesized iron oxide shows some weight loss and oxide undergoing
    decomposition, dehydration or any physical change from TG...  more
  • Synthesis, characterization and in vitro Antimicrobial activity of Cu (II) and Ni (II) complexes of Azo-carboxylate derived fro

    Four Cu(II) and two Ni(II) complexes of azo carboxylate ligands were synthesized and characterized
    by conductivity ,UV-visible and Infrared spectroscopy. The comparison of IR spectra of uncoordinated ligands
    and their metal complexes indicated that ligan...  more
  • Speciation And Physicochemical Studies of Some Biospecific Compounds

    A green, safer , efficient , eco-friendly approach for the synthesis of novel compounds which reveal
    biological and spermicidal activity. The nature of the pharmacophore decides the physiological reactivity of the
  • Deactivation Modeling through Separable Kinetics of Coking On Ni/CZ Catalyst Used In SMR

    Steam methane reforming (SMR) is a very significant technique to produce hydrogen from fossil
    fuels. In this particular work, nickel is used as the active metal and ceria-zirconia (CZ) bi-metallic oxide is used
    as the support. The foremost challenge to ...  more
  • Proximate, Mineral and Anti-Nutrient Evaluation of Pumpkin Pulp (Cucurbita Pepo)

    Proximate, minerals and anti-nutritional concentration of Pumpkin pulp (Cucurbita pepo) were
    investigated using standard analytical methods as stipulated by AOAC (1990), Agte el al; (1995), Chapman
    and Pratt, (1961), Kadhakrishna and Sivaprasad (1980), ...  more