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  • Geotechnical Investigation of Soils: A Case Study of Gombe Town (Sheet 152NW), North Eastern Nigeria

    Abstract: This work focuses mainly on the Geotechnical properties of mapped areas in Gombe town which forms part of the Upper Benue trough. Representative soil samples were collected from these areas and were investigated for their Geotechnical properties...  more
  • Voltage Clamped Dc-Dc Convertor with Reduced Reverse Recovery Current And Stability Analysis

    Abstract: this paper in vest gates a high-fficiency
    clamped-voltage dc–dc converter with reduced reverse recovery current And switch-voltage stress. In the circuit topology, it is designed by way of the combination of in duct or and transformer to increa...  more
  • Nonlinear Control of UPFC in Power System for Damping Inter Area Oscillations

    Abstract: This paper introduces a new nonlinear control of flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS) controllers for the purpose of damping interarea oscillations in power systems. FACTS controllers consist of series, shunt, or a combination of series-shu...  more
  • A Novel Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Battery Protection

    ABSTRACT: This paper presents the implementation of a bidirectional dc-dc converter to protect a battery from overcharging and undercharging. The proposed converter circuit provides low voltage stresses across the switches, higher step-up and step-down vo...  more
  • Real Power Loss Reduction in Distribution Systems Using Ant Colony Optimization Adapted By Graph Theory

    Abstract: This paper presents an efficient method for the reconfiguration of radial distribution systems for minimization of real power loss using adapted ant colony
    optimization. The conventional ant colony optimization is adapted by graph theory to alw...  more
  • Contribution of Axial Deformation in the Analysis of Rigidly Fixed Portal Frames

    ABSTRACT: In this work the stiffness equations for evaluating the internal stress of rigidly fixed portal frames by the displacement method were generated. But obtaining the equations for the internal stresses required non-scalar or parametric inversion...  more
  • Customized IVR Implementation Using Voicexml on SIP (Voip) Communication Platform

    ABSTRACT : An innovative application for
    communication platform based on SIP (VoIP) protocol is presented in this paper.
    The Voice Server is an Open-standards-based
    voice services framework that interprets the VoiceXML dialog markup language. It is des...  more
  • Free Expansion and Thermal Stress Analysis of a Corner Welded Joint by Finite Element Method

    ABSTRACT: In Arc welding heat is transferred to the joint by an electrode. During manual metal Arc Welding this heat is transferred by melting the electrode. The stresses generated in welded plate are due to temperature raise and can be simple and therma...  more
  • Optimization of Lipase Enzyme Activity Produced By Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens Isolated From Rock Lobster Panlirus Homarus

    Abstract: The production of extracellular lipase
    (triacylglycerol hydrolase) is a widely distributed
    phenomenon among eukaryotic and prokaryotic
    microorganisms. Microbial lipases have mostly been ...  more
  • Design and Fabrication Of Manually Track Parabolic Solar Disc for In-House Cooking

    Abstract: Human civilization has been witnessing a
    gradual shift towards cleaner fuels-from wood to coal, from
    coal to oil, from oil to natural gas; renewables are the
    present demand. In this fabrication work a primary ...  more