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  • Biochemical Differentiation and Molecular Characterization of Biofield Treated Vibrio parahaemolyticus

    Based on study outcome, the biofield energy treated V.parahaemolyticus showed 24.24% alteration in biochemicalreaction pattern with respect to the control. Moreover, thebiotype number of V. parahaemolyticus was changed in allthe treated groups analyzed at...  more
  • Evaluation of Atomic, Physical, and Thermal Properties of Bismuth Oxide Powder: An Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment

    The XRD data revealed that the lattice parameter wasreduced in treated sample as compared to the control. Thedecrease in lattice parameter may lead to enhance the stabilityof δ- phase of Bi2O3 in treated sample as compared to thecontrol. Also, the increas...  more
  • Effect of Biofield Treatment on Physical, Thermal, and Spectral Properties of SFRE 199-1 Mammalian Cell Culture Medium

    In conclusion, the present study showed the substantialalteration in the percent of C, H, N, and O element of treatedsample by 2.16, 4.87, 9.49, and 5.89%, respectively ascompared to the control sample. The XRD study suggestedthe crystalline nature of bot...  more
  • Evaluation of Biofield Energy Treatment on Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Selenium Powder

    The XRD results showed that the crystallite size wasreduced by 55.55% in treated selenium sample as compared tothe control, which could be due to the internal strain inducedthrough biofield energy treatment. The reduction in thecrystallite size may increa...  more
  • Agronomic Characteristics, Growth Analysis, and Yield Response of Biofield Treated Mustard, Cowpea, Horse Gram,and Groundnuts

    In conclusion, biofield treatment on agricultural cropsshowed an improved overall yield of the treated crops ascompared to the control. The percentage increase in yield wasmaximum in case of mustard (500%), followed by horse gram(105%), cowpea (52%), and ...  more
  • Analysis of Genetic Diversity Using Simple Sequence Repeat Markers and Growth Regulator Response in Biofield Treated Cotton

    In conclusion, biofield energy treated cotton seeds resultedin enhanced germination rate by 20% as compared with thecontrol. Further, the length of the shoot and root of cottonplant after biofield energy treatment was reported to beincreased as compared w...  more
  • Evaluation of Physical and Structural Properties of Biofield Energy Treated Barium Calcium Tungsten Oxide

    In summary, the biofield energy treatment has a significantimpact on the physical and structural properties of Ba2CaWO6.The XRD data revealed that the crystallite size of treatedBa2CaWO6 was decreased by 20% as compared to the control.The decrease in crys...  more
  • Physicochemical and Spectroscopic Properties of Biofield Energy Treated Protose

    In conclusion, the XRD study showed the amorphousnature of protose in both the samples (control and treated).The particle size analysis suggested the significant increase inthe particle size i.e. d50 and d99 of the treated protose withrespect to the contr...  more
  • Analysis of Physical, Thermal, and Structural Properties of Biofield Energy Treated Molybdenum Dioxide

    The biofield treatment has reduced the lattice parametersand unit cell volume of monoclinic MoO2 powder. The XRDdata showed the alteration in the lattice parameters, unit cellvolume, density and molecular weight of the treated sampleas compared to the con...  more
  • Studies on Physicochemical Properties of Biofield Treated 2,4-Dichlorophenol

    The overall study was accomplished to determine theimpact of biofield treatment on various physicochemicalproperties of the sample of 2,4-DCP. The XRD resultsshowed an alteration in the lattice parameters and molecularweight along with 156% increase in cr...  more