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  • Physical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Characterization of Biofield Treated p-Chloro-m-cresol

    The XRD study showed the increase in crystallinity as well ascrystallite size (12.71%) in treated sample as compared to control. The increase in crystallinity might be due to breaking of intermolecularbonding after biofield treatment that results in more ...  more
  • Physicochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of p-Chlorobenzaldehyde: AnImpact of Biofield Energy Treatment

    In conclusion, the present study showed the substantial increasein surface area of treated sample by 23.06% as compared to thecontrol sample. The XRD study showed the crystalline nature ofboth control and treated sample. Moreover, the intensity of XRDpeak...  more
  • Characterization of Physical, Thermal and Spectral Properties of Biofield Treated O-Aminophenol

    The XRD analysis showed an increase in the intensity of peaks inthe treated o-aminophenol with respect to the control. The crystallitesize significantly increased in the treated compound as compared tothe control o-aminophenol. The biofield treatment may ...  more
  • Physical, Thermal, and Spectroscopic Characterization of Biofield Energy Treated Methyl-2-Naphthyl Ether

    In brief, the XRD diffractogram of biofield treated MNE exhibitedthe decrease in intensity of XRD peaks as well as the decrease in averagecrystallite size (30.70%) as compared to the control. The surface areaanalysis showed an increase (5.32%) in surface ...  more