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  • Antibiogram of Biofield-Treated Shigella boydii: Global Burden of Infections

    Altogether, the biofield treatment has significantlyaltered the susceptibility pattern (40%) with MIC values(59.38%) of tested antimicrobials against the ATCC strainof S. boydii in revived treated cells (Gr. II) as compared tocontrol. It also altered sign...  more
  • Improved Susceptibility Pattern of Antimicrobials Using Vital Energy Treatment on Shigella sonnei

    Biofield energy treatment on S. sonnei results in animproved antimicrobial sensitivity in 35% testedantimicrobials, while decreased MIC values by two-four foldwere reported in 56.25% tested antimicrobials as compared tothe control. The increased sensitivi...  more