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  • Antibiogram, Biochemical Reactions and Biotyping of Biofield Treated Providencia rettgeri

    In conclusion, the antimicrobial susceptibility pattern andthe MIC values showed the significant 78.57% (out oftwenty-eight) and 65.63% (out of thirty-three) alteration,respectively of tested antimicrobials as compared to thecontrol strain of P. rettgeri....  more
  • Effect of Biofield Energy Treatment on Streptococcus group B: A Postpartum Pathogen

    Altogether, the biofield treatment has significantly altered 70.37%,(out of twenty-seven) the MIC values of tested antimicrobials againstthe strain of S. agalactiae gr. B. Norfloxacin was improved the MIC valueby two-fold (8 to ≤4 μg/mL) in Gr. II on day ...  more