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  • Physical, Spectroscopic and Thermal Characterization of Biofield Treated Fish Peptone

    The biofield treated fish peptone reported the increasedparticle sizes (d50 and d99) suggesting the aggregation ofmolecules that might occur due to the impact of biofieldenergy. The slight reduction in surface area was also revealedin the treated sample a...  more
  • Evaluation of Atomic, Physical, and Thermal Properties of Bismuth Oxide Powder: An Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment

    The XRD data revealed that the lattice parameter wasreduced in treated sample as compared to the control. Thedecrease in lattice parameter may lead to enhance the stabilityof δ- phase of Bi2O3 in treated sample as compared to thecontrol. Also, the increas...  more
  • Evaluation of Biofield Energy Treatment on Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Selenium Powder

    The XRD results showed that the crystallite size wasreduced by 55.55% in treated selenium sample as compared tothe control, which could be due to the internal strain inducedthrough biofield energy treatment. The reduction in thecrystallite size may increa...  more
  • Physicochemical and Spectroscopic Properties of Biofield Energy Treated Protose

    In conclusion, the XRD study showed the amorphousnature of protose in both the samples (control and treated).The particle size analysis suggested the significant increase inthe particle size i.e. d50 and d99 of the treated protose withrespect to the contr...  more
  • Physicochemical and Spectroscopic Characteristics of Biofield Treated p-Chlorobenzophenone

    In summary, the XRD diffractogram of biofield treated p-CBP exhibited the increase in intensity of the XRD peaks aswell as the average crystallite size (25.93%) as compared tothe control. The particle size analysis suggests the decrease inparticle size of...  more
  • The Potential Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment on the Physical and Thermal Properties of Silver Oxide Powder

    The XRD data showed that the crystallite size wassignificantly increased upto 150% as compared to thecontrol. The DSC data revealed that the thermaldecomposition energy of silver oxide was increased up to71.58% in treated sample as compared to the control...  more
  • Physical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Characterization of Biofield Treated p-Chloro-m-cresol

    The XRD study showed the increase in crystallinity as well ascrystallite size (12.71%) in treated sample as compared to control. The increase in crystallinity might be due to breaking of intermolecularbonding after biofield treatment that results in more ...  more
  • Experimental Investigation on Physical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Properties of 2-Chlorobenzonitrile: Biofield Treatment

    The overall study showed the influence of biofieldtreatment on physical, thermal and spectroscopic properties of2-ClBN. XRD results showed that crystallite size wasdecreased by 4.88% in treated 2-ClBN samples as comparedto control, which might be due to f...  more
  • Evaluation of Biofield Treatment on Atomic and Thermal Properties of Ethanol

    In summary, the biofield treatment has significantly changed theisotopic abundance of 13C and latent heat of vaporization in ethanol.The GC-MS data showed that biofield treatment has significantlychanged the isotopic abundance of 13C i.e., δ13C from -199‰...  more
  • Characterization of Physical, Thermal and Spectral Properties of Biofield Treated O-Aminophenol

    The XRD analysis showed an increase in the intensity of peaks inthe treated o-aminophenol with respect to the control. The crystallitesize significantly increased in the treated compound as compared tothe control o-aminophenol. The biofield treatment may ...  more