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  • Agronomic Characteristics, Growth Analysis, and Yield Response of Biofield Treated Mustard, Cowpea, Horse Gram,and Groundnuts

    In conclusion, biofield treatment on agricultural cropsshowed an improved overall yield of the treated crops ascompared to the control. The percentage increase in yield wasmaximum in case of mustard (500%), followed by horse gram(105%), cowpea (52%), and ...  more
  • Analysis of Genetic Diversity Using Simple Sequence Repeat Markers and Growth Regulator Response in Biofield Treated Cotton

    In conclusion, biofield energy treated cotton seeds resultedin enhanced germination rate by 20% as compared with thecontrol. Further, the length of the shoot and root of cottonplant after biofield energy treatment was reported to beincreased as compared w...  more
  • Impact of an external energy on Staphylococcusepidermis [ATCC –13518] in relation to antibioticsusceptibility and biochemical

    Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. "Impact of an external energy on Staphylococcus epidermis [ATCC –13518] in relation to antibiotic susceptibility and biochemical reactions – An experimental study" Journal of Accord Integrative Medicine 4.4 (2008).