Engineering Articles

  • Suggested method for hiding secret data in cover image depending on the Connected Component Labeling algorithm

    the encryption and concealment of important areas to maintain the confidentiality of data , Where the proposed method is working on the coordination between the confidential data and the cover image and that is through combining between the encryption ...
  • Engine Sudden Stopped after the Heavy Noise: Study on Crankshaft

    The main engine shaft driven round by the piston is called Crankshaft. Crankshaft converts reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion. Crankshaft rotates at high speeds and bears the stresses due to power impulse during power stroke. Counterwei...  more
  • Online Payment System using Steganography and Visual Cryptography

    In this paper, two methods are used such as Steganography and visual Cryptography to provide secure transaction during online shopping. It secure the customer confidential information as well as merchant credential and prevent misuse of data at bank side ...  more
  • Engine Sudden Stopped after the Heavy Noise: Study on Crankshaft

    Oscillation, this is due to the fact that one end of rod having a motion of pure translation while the other and is fastened to the crankpin which is rotating about the fixed axis. Such as action known as whipping action, which is depending to create of t...  more
  • Smart Content Security Policy for Mozilla Firefox

    Growing need for Content Security Policy inspired us to develop an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that could infer the policies itself and guide the user about enforcing the policies. This would facilitate web security for an average user who is unaware of Co...  more
  • Review of Various Image Processing Techniques for Currency Note Authentication

    In cash transactions, the biggest challenge faced is counterfeit notes. This problem is only expanding due to the technology available and many fraud cases have been uncovered. Manual detection of counterfeit notes is time consuming and inefficient and he...  more
  • Generating Aggregate Key for Group Data Sharing by Means of Cloud Data Storage

    -Sharing of encrypted data with various kinds of users via public cloud storage always leads to greater
    security concerns over many types of data leaks in the cloud. To make it possible, efficient generation of keys and their
    management should take place ...  more
  • OBD-II and Oxygen Sensor: Review the I.C Engine - Emissions related Performance

    Increased awareness regarding the adverse effects of pollutants from automobile exhaust gases has been the main driving force for implementation of more and more stringent legislation on automobile exhaust emissions in many Countries. On Board Diagnostic ...  more
  • Hybrid Protocol for Security Peril Black Hole Attack in MANET

    MANETs (Mobile Ad hoc Network) is a self-governing system in which different mobile nodes are connected by wireless links. MANETs comprise of mobile nodes that are independent for moving in and out over the network. Nodes are the devices or systems that i...  more
  • Experimental Study on Automobile Clutch Plate Juddering

    Clutch facing are mad out of fiber asbestos
    moulded with the help resin. Sometimes, fine
    copper is also mixed with asbestos during the
    moulding process so as to give facing a little...  more