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    In general, scientists are of the view that any research work worth claiming as original and a breakthrough should be published in a high Impact Factor (IF) journal. There is valid reason for it...
  • Effect of Biofield Treatment on the Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Aluminium Powders

    Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. "Effect of Biofield Treatment on the Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Aluminium Powders" Industrial Engineering and Management (2014).
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  • The journey of Gravity

    Gravity is a concept of very much interest for everyone . Well , without it how could have we made iron man , superman and different superheroes and stuff like that who have flying skills famous ? Well if gravity was not there everyone would have been ...
  • Effect of van der Waals and three body interactions on the lattice dynamics of Ionic crystals: an application to SrO

    A new model of lattice dynamics has been developed by incorporating the effect of van der
    Waals interactions and three-body interactions in the frame work of rigid shell model where short range
    interactions are effective upto the second neighbour. This ...  more
  • Chemical Reaction Effects On Mhd Mixed Convection Flow Of Water At Maximum Density Past A Vertical Plate Under Variable Temper

    Flow of water at its maximum density past a vertical plate is considered. Effects of a transversely
    applied magnetic field, variation of the plate temperature and a first order chemical reaction on the flow field
    are studied by a similarity transformati...  more
  • Magneto electret State of Porous Polypropylene and Investigation on Surface Charge Characteristics

    This paper reports preparation of porous polypropylene magneto electret and its investigation on
    its surface charge characteristics. The electrets were prepared under the combined action of heat and magnetic
    field. Influences of polarizing temperature a...  more
  • Internal Differentiation, Comparative Variability, Structural Morphology, Normative Aspect Of Prognostication Of Ipse Dixit Np

    We develop a progressive comparable to Bank’s General Ledger, and call it a General
    Theory of all the problems under the head of NP hard problems. Problems have their variables. For
    instance “Travelling Sales man problem” can have various different citi...  more
  • Growth and characterization of pure and doped btzs single crystals

    The growth and characterization of pure and doped BTZS single crystals are discussed. In the
    present study powder X-Ray diffraction data of the grown crystal were recorded using BRUKER D8 Advance
    powder crystal X-ray diffractometer with 2.2 KW Cu anode ...  more
  • UV dominant optical emission newly detected from radioisotopes and XRF sources

    The current paper reports first and definite experimental evidence for γ-, X-, or β radiation causing UV dominant optical radiation from (1) radiochemicals such as 131I; (2) XRF sources such as Rb XRF source present as salts; and (3) metal source...  more
  • X-ray Diraction and Fourier Transform Study of Toxic Eect of Heavy Metals on Bone Tissues of an Edible Fish Cirrhinus mrigala

    Toxic eect of heavy metals due to nickel and chromium on bone tissues edible sh Cirrhinus mrigala was
    studied using spectroscopic techniques. The study shows that there is signicant change in the bone minerals
    contents and it is more pronounced in nick...  more