NanoScience Articles

  • Comparative insecticidal activity of a commercial and a nanoformulation of pyridalyl against bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Hu

    Pyridalyl gives good control of various lepidopterous and thysanopterous pests of cotton and vegetables, without causing phytotoxicity. In the present study, bioactivity of a commercial and a nanoformulation of this molecule is reported as contact and sto...  more
  • Nanoencapsulated hexaconazole: A novel fungicide and the process for making the same

    Nanoencapsulated hexaconazole: A novel fungicide and the process for making the same
  • Development and Quality Control of Nanohexaconazole as an Effective Fungicide and Its Biosafety Studies on Soil Nitifiers

    The study was aimed to develop a nano form of an existing fungicide for improving plant protection and reducing crop losses caused by fungal pathogens. The protocol for the preparation and estimation of nanohexaconazole was developed. Technically pure hex...  more
  • CNT loading into cationic cholesterol suspensions show improved DNA binding and serum stability and ability to internalize into

    Single walled carbon nanotubes were solubilized in water using synthesized Cholesterol lipids and conjugates evaluated for efficacy for oligonucleotide delivery in cancer cells.
  • Nanosulfur: A Potent Fungicide Against Food Pathogen, Aspergillus niger

    Elemental sulfur (S0), man’s oldest eco‐friendly fungicide for curing fungal infections in plants and animals, is registered in India as a non‐systemic and contact fungicide. However due to its high volume requirement, Indian agrochemical industry and far...  more
  • Characterization of Nanocomposites in Flyash for Possible Pesticide Application

    Abstract: Fly ash composed of crystalline abrasive silica alumina etc is a major source of pollution in
    and around Kolaghat thermal power plant, West Bengal. In an attempt to find ecofriendly use of fly ash,
    300 kg of fly ash was taken to size range of 20...  more
  • A simple method for estimation of sulphur in nanoformulations by UV spectrophotometry

    We have recently reported the development of nanosulphurwith remarkable fungicidal properties, muchbetter than the conventional sulphur. The nanosulphurcould substitute the toxic conventional synthetic fungicides.The lack of estimation protocols for ac...
  • The effect of polylactic acid support in stability and electrical field of heterocyclic coupled hexa peptide nano systems: A nov

    Biological materials, recently, are the building blocks of several self-assembling peptide and protein systems.The main challenge in molecular self-assembly is to design molecular building blocks that can undergo spontaneous organization. These cyclic ...
  • Synthesis and properties of novel nanocomposites made of single-walled carbon nanotubes and low molecular mass organogels and th

    For the preparation of novel organogel–carbon nanotube nanocomposites, pristine single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) were incorporated into physical gels formed by an L-alanine based low molecular mass organogelator (LMOG). The gelation proce...