Effect of different plant growth regulators and chemicals on quality and economics of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) cv. BHAG

Abstract : The experiment was laid out in Factorial Randomized Block Design replicated twice with two factors consisted of growth regulators and chemicals. The results of present investigation indicated that, in the qualitative parameters significantly maximum TSS, reducing sugar total sugars and ascorbic acid (17.05 °B, 14.60%, 14.99 and 17.15 mg/100 g, respectively), with the lowest titrable acidity (0.21 %), of fruit juice was recorded in treatment of GA3 75 ppm + boron 0.3 per cent. The highest gross monetary returns (Rs. 6,96,820per ha), net monetary returns (Rs. 4,90,740per ha) and B:C ratio (2.86) was reported in the treatment of GA375 ppm + boron 0.3 per cent (T7) .It was followed by treatment of 2-4-D 20 ppm + boron 0.3 per cent (T22) (Rs.6,81,560,Rs. 4,75,720 per ha and 2.81, respectively). The minimum values for all these parameters were observed in control (T1) treatment.