Are black holes really worth the time we give them ?

  • Posted by Oem Trivedi
  • February 28, 2015 10:28 AM PST

What are black holes ?

So for those, who have had a first encounter with this word the black hole , let me tell them, there is nothing to fear about . A black hole  is a mathematically defined region of space-time exhibiting such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from it. This thing is like a person who administrates a state, everything around it gets influenced by it, no matter how massive it is , no matter how fast it is (even light ) cannot escapes from its gravitatioal pull . So how are these cosmic giants formed ?

Formation of black hole 

A black hole is formed quite in the same way in which a man becomes a wild beast in human life . When a person looses hope in life and completely breaks down, he may become bad and thats what is happeing here in the case of a black hole .

When a very massive star exhausts its nuclear fuel, it explodes as a supernova. The outer parts of the star are expelled violently into space, while the core completely collapses under its own weight.


If the core remaining after the supernova is very massive (more than 2.5 times the mass of the Sun), no known repulsive force inside, a star can push back hard enough to prevent gravity from completely collapsing, the core lead to a black hole.


From the perspective of the collapsing star, the core compacts into a mathematical point with virtually zero volume, where it is said to have infinite density. This is called a singularity.


Where this happens, it would require a velocity greater than the speed of light, to escape from the black hole's gravity. Since no object can reach a speed faster than light, no matter or radiation can escape. Anything, including light, that passes within the boundary of the black hole called the "event horizon" & is streched leads to destroy.

I exist, why dont you believe ?

The great physicist Albert Einstein published his most popular General Theory of Relativity in 1915, after 10 years of hardwork and to a great extent he explained why gravity was caused, which he described by the bending of space-time . Physicists at that moment were thoroughly convinced that general relativity has succesfully predicted and explained gravity on the largest scale possible . But when solutions from the Einstein Field Equations (EFE) started to come, with the very early ones given by Karl Schwarschild in 1917. Physicists got Black holes ! At that moment, many of them refused to believe in black holes and even Einstein himself once wrote a paper telling that why didn't he believe in black holes . It was only time that astronomers started to come up with some observational evidence that they were believed in between 1960's and 70's .


Near the 1970's Sir Roger Penrose proved the existence of a place in the black hole, where physics itself breaks down till today . He showed that at the centre of a black hole the core of the massive which to form the black hole will become the singularity . Singularity mathematically is a dimensionless point know to have infinite density and infinite mass. All the equations regarding this have failed to explain it till date. But I'm sure that in 2-3 years we'll get the answer that's my guarantee or maybe it could take 8-10 years . But we'll get the answer . 

What to look forward to?

Well, many things are there to look forward to if you're talking in case of black holes. It can be used to solve the mystery of dark energy and dark matter as tipped by many physicists. In my opinion, near future someone may be able to solve the mystery of multiverses and also it is getting conected to the string theory to help solve many long standing questions. So in my opinion, black holes are worth the time we are giving them guys keep it up and keep searching new things as ideas can bump into your head at any time on bed, while driving, while listening music, even in toilets! KEEP BELIEVE IN BLACK HOLES.